As a result in the search for continuous improvement in its production process, focusing on the practice of sustainable agriculture production of specialty coffees, Fazenda California has achieved the following awards:


California Coffee Estate is conducted according to a set of criteria internationally recognized for social and environmental responsibility.

Utz Certified is a worldwide certification program, establishing a standard for the production and responsible coffee supplying. The Code of Conduct Utz Kapeh is derived from the integration between different points of the standards: the ILO Convention (International Labour Organization); EurepGap (European standard for GFP), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHAS 18001 (Health and Safety at Work). 


Utz Certified, whose name means "good coffee" in Mayan language of Central America, provides the assurance of food safety and social and environmental quality in coffee production required by consumers worldwide. Audited by the first time in May 2007 by SGS (Certificate based in Switzerland founded in 1878), the Fazenda California again demonstrated its pioneering spirit to get the first place in coffee property of the State of Paraná obtaining Utz Kapeh certification. 


Thus, the certification gotten from an independent organization serves as a guarantee that the production system is the California Farm conducted according to a set of criteria internationally recognized for food security and environmental responsibility.


A Fazenda Califórnia está localizada na região subtropical brasileira, no chamado Norte Pioneiro do Estado do Paraná. Essa região é caracterizada por ser a zona limítrofe ao sul do Brasil apta ao desenvolvimento da cafeicultura sem que as baixas temperaturas do período de inverno sejam impeditivas à atividade.

Fazenda California is located in the Brazilian subtropical region of the so-called Norte Pioneiro do Parana. This region is characterized by being the area adjacent to southern Brazil able to develop coffee plantation without the low temperatures of the winter period, hindering the activity.


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